• Success begins with your mind.

    Change your mindset. Master your success.

  • What is Mindset 2 Mastery™?

    Change your mindset. Master your success!

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    Your beliefs determine your success.

    You are created for greatness. You just need to unleash it.

    Mindset 2 Mastery™ is the Personal &
    Professional Development Division of The KARS Group LTD which focuses on providing strategy, information, direction and actionable steps to individuals both personally and professionally. Think of it as Facilitated Outcome™ for the individual. We provide you with the guidance to clarify your vision; identify any problems; create a strategy; outline an action plan and get results. Mindset 2 MasteryTM was created specifically for career professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking guidance on how to achieve "what's next".

  • M2M Live!

    Opportunities for Learning, Strategy and Action Planning sessions.

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    Because sometimes you need to talk it through.

    The M2M 1-0n-1 Strategy Session allows you to work through your ideas, identify issues, receive direction regarding strategy and plan your next steps of focused action in order to get results. Perfect for when you need focused guidance and direction. Book now!

  • M2M Tools for You

    You can't build success without the right tools.

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    New episodes Thursdays at 1pm EST on MileHIRadio.com*

    Click here to listen to past episodes!

    30 minutes of strategy, tools and tips designed to facilitate changes in both your mindset and your actions. Click here to listen in for weekly topics related to both personal and professional success as you prepare to Change your Mindset & Master your Success. Click here to receive updates.


    Now available on: MileHIRadio.com, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Spreaker, Soundcloud and The KARS Group LTD YouTube Channel

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    Mindset Mondays!

    The journey to success is made up of a series of steps.

    You can't expect to master your success overnight, so every Monday we'll share tips, strategies, insights, information and action steps that will assist you in creating your success for the week. To be sure that you don't miss a thing click here to sign up for our weekly e-news! (Please Note: We take your privacy VERY seriously so we won't sell or share your information with anyone else AND we promise ONLY to send you items that will assist you in moving forward in your journey. This is a NO SPAM ZONE!)

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    Support | Q&A | Tips | Strategies

    "No one is an island."


    The journey to make changes and create success can be a solitary one. In order to achieve your goals and sustain your success you need support. We've created an online community that provides you with much needed support, tips, strategies, accountability and a safe place to ask questions, participate in discussions and receive insights. Click here & join us today to begin your journey!

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    What's on our mind?

    Sometimes you need to just share what's on your mind...so we created the Mindset 2 Mastery™ Blog! Click here see what's new!

  • KARS Academy

    "Give a person a fish; they eat for a day. TEACH a person to fish; they eat for a lifetime."

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    Learning at your fingertips.

    Strategies, Tips, Information & Application

    The KARS Academy is designed to provide not just information, but strategies, tips and action plans to assist students in applying concepts and creating new ways of thinking and doing. Built upon a model that provides opportunities for students to connect their new information to existing experiences, The KARS Academy provides online personal and professional development training on a variety of topics for individuals involved in small businesses, nonprofits, schools, organizations, churches and communities. Click here to enroll and browse the selection of courses.

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